Jennifer Ingram?

Jennifer Ingram?successfully produces and promotes annual fundraisers and special media-targeted events. Her services have helped to increase the visibility and market recognition of her Los Angeles-based clients. For fourteen years, Jennifer has worked as a Marketing and Account Manager with reputable design firms that focus on promoting special events for? entertainment companies and non-profit organizations. The Denise Roberts Breast Cancer Foundation and Ballerz World’s CUBB Community are two of her more notable clients.

Jennifer earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Communications at the University of Miami (Which Miami? Ohio or Florida?) She has had the opportunity to merge her expertise in the field of communications with her passion for public relations, marketing and entertainment; which have culminated in a skill-set that is transferable and relevant to many other fields.

Jennifer?s strong background in the entertainment industry has exposed her to many well-respected producers; including Ricky Minor of Minor Productions, David Gest of Extreme Entertainment Enterprises, and with her father, James Ingram of Ingram, Inc. Working with these ?giants? has given Jennifer many opportunities to serve on several televised productions, like the BET Awards and All-Star Celebrity tributes, to name a few.

Ms. Ingram is motivated and determined to produce creative and strategic campaigns for the DAW Foundation. She is proud to be a part of an organization that focuses on enhancing the self-esteem of children suffering with hair loss through the gifting of a custom-made wig/head-covering.

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